GET LOOSE- Vanic Remix

Brand spanking new from Van City’s Vanic, Get Loose. This song is a total banger. It takes electro-house to the next level. This song has an excellent melody, a sweet little minimalistic piano bridge, and a signature Vanic drop. A all-around excellent song.

See Vanic’s soundcloud page if you haven’t already.



Why bother writing anything. You cant describe this kind of thing in words. Madeon is godsend.

You should all read this. Its mind boggling. Its like something out of a movie. – What is Madeon Planning?

And here it is

We No Speak Americano

This song really became famous when Up and Over It featured it in one of their videos. It is a prime example of the fantastic genre of Electro-swing. It is a great genre because it bridges the gap between old and new music. Its neat how a a style of music from the 30’s could make such a huge comeback.

So as all good songs do, this song got remixed…a lot. Here are some hand picked favourites.

This is the video mentioned above, and the original song.

Classic trap remix that just came out a couple days ago.

Excellent, creative remix by SAVOY.


Atlas Genius – Trojans (Lenno Remix)

Atlas Genius was thrown into the spotlight when their song “If So” was remixed by TheFatRat (click here to view). This song is straight off of their album “When It Was Now“. Its a fantastic take of the song “Trojans“, with a pumpy kick and an uplifting piano riff.  Have fun with this one!

TheRatsNest – 2013

Attention all FatRat fans! The FatRat has released another one of his famous mixes, and its jam packed with awesome. Mixes are great because they give artists an oppurtunity to share their musical taste, without doing a show. They are great for us listeners because these mixes usually have a bunch of music in them that we’ve never heard. This edition of the Rats Nest has everything from Martin Solveig to Zedd to Daft Punk, spanning electro house, moombahton, and dubstep. Throw this on at your next party, and you’l be guaranteed results.


Major Lazer is ready!

Get ready to jump people. Major Lazer, one of the largest producers of bangin’ party tunes, came out with this remix of Differentology by Bunji Garlin. This song stands somewhere between moombahton and house, with a little reggae thrown in. Its still got the pumpy quarter note kick, so its a perfect track for any party. Just watch out for by-law.

Bridge & Law- The Love You Gave

Finally! Another gem from Bridge & Law. I’ve had my eye on his soundcloud stream for quite some time now, anxiously waiting. He just released this one today, and it’s everything I’d hoped for.  It’s got his signature uplifting feel to it, I hope you all enjoy!

This is the new one.

Heres another older one of his. Total summer jam.