After Dark – Skrux & Bone N Skin

Skrux has always been a unique producer. He’s and 18 year old from Arlinton, Texas, and he is taking the dubstep scene by force. His style is very cinematic, with thundering war drums and deep string progressions. His most recent song is a collaboration with the renowned dubstep producer, Bone N Skin. The song shows Skrux’s etherial, well constructed melodies and Bone N Skin’s hard hitting drops. An all around great track.

See Skrux’s soundcloud page here.

And Bone N Skin’s here.


Atlas Genius – Trojans (Lenno Remix)

Atlas Genius was thrown into the spotlight when their song “If So” was remixed by TheFatRat (click here to view). This song is straight off of their album “When It Was Now“. Its a fantastic take of the song “Trojans“, with a pumpy kick and an uplifting piano riff.  Have fun with this one!

So What! Funkstep.

Today, the Pegboard Nerds released their long awaited EP “Guilty Pleasures“. Now the Pegboard Nerds are not rated at entry level dubstep. Their stuff always has this edge to it that we just cannot get enough of. Usually when you hear funk being incorporated into electronic music, you think of bands like Lemâitre. The Pegboard Nerds have masterfully blended the beloved funk with their delicious, distinct dubstep sound, and made something beautiful.

Well technically it’s glitch hop… its still funky

Bridge & Law- The Love You Gave

Finally! Another gem from Bridge & Law. I’ve had my eye on his soundcloud stream for quite some time now, anxiously waiting. He just released this one today, and it’s everything I’d hoped for.  It’s got his signature uplifting feel to it, I hope you all enjoy!

This is the new one.

Heres another older one of his. Total summer jam.


I found Rogue a little while ago, and since then I’ve scrapped together a large collection of his work. What’s great about him is that each of his songs are unique. What often happens is that I’ll find an artist, and the first song I hear sounds excellent – and then as I go on listening I realize that all of their songs sound the same. Rogue’s music spans a pretty large range of genres, making each song a new experience. I hope you enjoy!

Heres a link to his soundcloud page

This is the song that got me hooked.

And this is my favourite song of his, really shows his versatility.