Feeling down? Take it in Shlohmo

Do you ever need to just jam out, relax, take it all in? Get ready for something moody as it gets. Shlohmo crafts emotions with his work. His songs slip in through your ears and circles around in your brain. We recommend headphones for this one…

See Shlohmo and all of his wonder on his soundcloud page


GET LOOSE- Vanic Remix

Brand spanking new from Van City’s Vanic, Get Loose. This song is a total banger. It takes electro-house to the next level. This song has an excellent melody, a sweet little minimalistic piano bridge, and a signature Vanic drop. A all-around excellent song.

See Vanic’s soundcloud page if you haven’t already.

After Dark – Skrux & Bone N Skin

Skrux has always been a unique producer. He’s and 18 year old from Arlinton, Texas, and he is taking the dubstep scene by force. His style is very cinematic, with thundering war drums and deep string progressions. His most recent song is a collaboration with the renowned dubstep producer, Bone N Skin. The song shows Skrux’s etherial, well constructed melodies and Bone N Skin’s hard hitting drops. An all around great track.

See Skrux’s soundcloud page here.

And Bone N Skin’s here.


Why bother writing anything. You cant describe this kind of thing in words. Madeon is godsend.

You should all read this. Its mind boggling. Its like something out of a movie.

Thissongslaps.com – What is Madeon Planning?

And here it is

Fragments (Clark Kent Remix)

The vocal element can make or break a song. A good vocal sample gets stuck in your head. A bad vocal sample can make you skip to the next song. People who don’t know music can often remember the tune of the vocals of their favourite song.

This song is a great example of exceptional vocals. Its a song by Jaymes Young, remixed by Clark Kent. Prepare to be amazed.


Driven Retro

Kromofone does it again. Its an instrumental remix of the tune “Falling” by Driven Retro. This song stands out because of the way it takes the listener on a musical journey through its multiple rhythms and soundscapes. Definitely worth listening to.

We No Speak Americano

This song really became famous when Up and Over It¬†featured it in one of their videos. It is a prime example of the fantastic genre of Electro-swing. It is a great genre because it bridges the gap between old and new music. Its neat how a a style of music from the 30’s could make such a huge comeback.

So as all good songs do, this song got remixed…a lot. Here are some hand picked favourites.

This is the video mentioned above, and the original song.

Classic trap remix that just came out a couple days ago.

Excellent, creative remix by SAVOY.