GET LOOSE- Vanic Remix

Brand spanking new from Van City’s Vanic, Get Loose. This song is a total banger. It takes electro-house to the next level. This song has an excellent melody, a sweet little minimalistic piano bridge, and a signature Vanic drop. A all-around excellent song.

See Vanic’s soundcloud page if you haven’t already.


After Dark – Skrux & Bone N Skin

Skrux has always been a unique producer. He’s and 18 year old from Arlinton, Texas, and he is taking the dubstep scene by force. His style is very cinematic, with thundering war drums and deep string progressions. His most recent song is a collaboration with the renowned dubstep producer, Bone N Skin. The song shows Skrux’s etherial, well constructed melodies and Bone N Skin’s hard hitting drops. An all around great track.

See Skrux’s soundcloud page here.

And Bone N Skin’s here.

Fragments (Clark Kent Remix)

The vocal element can make or break a song. A good vocal sample gets stuck in your head. A bad vocal sample can make you skip to the next song. People who don’t know music can often remember the tune of the vocals of their favourite song.

This song is a great example of exceptional vocals. Its a song by Jaymes Young, remixed by Clark Kent. Prepare to be amazed.


You and Me – Flume Remix

One of the best aspects of the electronic music community is the remix. One artist creates an awesome song, and then that song is built upon and recreated by numerous other artists. This song is a perfect example of a perfect remix. Its the kind of song that makes something in you move, it makes you feel something.

See Flume’s soundcloud here. He is an absolute genius.

Falling in Love Again

Falling in love with what? Kill Paris’ newest tune, “Falling in Love Again” featuring Marty Rod and Alma. This song is a unique blend of soul and pop, backed with Kill Paris’ creative touch. Marty Rod and Alma bring it to life with a haunting duet. We hope you love it!


TheRatsNest – 2013

Attention all FatRat fans! The FatRat has released another one of his famous mixes, and its jam packed with awesome. Mixes are great because they give artists an oppurtunity to share their musical taste, without doing a show. They are great for us listeners because these mixes usually have a bunch of music in them that we’ve never heard. This edition of the Rats Nest has everything from Martin Solveig to Zedd to Daft Punk, spanning electro house, moombahton, and dubstep. Throw this on at your next party, and you’l be guaranteed results.


So What! Funkstep.

Today, the Pegboard Nerds released their long awaited EP “Guilty Pleasures“. Now the Pegboard Nerds are not rated at entry level dubstep. Their stuff always has this edge to it that we just cannot get enough of. Usually when you hear funk being incorporated into electronic music, you think of bands like Lemâitre. The Pegboard Nerds have masterfully blended the beloved funk with their delicious, distinct dubstep sound, and made something beautiful.

Well technically it’s glitch hop… its still funky