Seven Lions

Wow! Absolutely astonished by this track. This tune is sectioned off into different styles of EDM, with a gorgeous, crisp, and melodic female vocal floating over top of it. This is one of those songs that keeps getting better as it nears the end, and each listen thereafter is just as enjoyable as the last (if not more!).

Originally out of Lompoc, but now based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Seven Lions makes magic under the record labels AnjunaBeats, Viper Recordings, and OWSLA. They have performed at massive events including SXSW, Ultra, and EDC to name a few. Stay tuned! They are only rising to the top.

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Throwback Thursday

The Bee Gees! Forever Kid is bringing back the oldies, and with a punch! This duo comes from Djursholm, Sweden but currently reside in LA, USA. Even if you weren’t around in the era of the Bee Gees, you’re still going to love this fresh, exciting, remixed track. Hopefully we’ll hear more from them soon as they are tearin’ it up on the HypeM lists!

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Why bother writing anything. You cant describe this kind of thing in words. Madeon is godsend.

You should all read this. Its mind boggling. Its like something out of a movie. – What is Madeon Planning?

And here it is

Things We Lost In The Fire – Torn Remix

Some songs just make you want to jump. THIS is one of those songs. Torn caught our attention with his remix of “Rumble and Sway” by Jamie N Commons, and you can find that post here. This song has shown his consistency and creating awesome tracks and we cant wait to hear whats next. Be sure to check out his other stuff on his soundcloud page.


Fragments (Clark Kent Remix)

The vocal element can make or break a song. A good vocal sample gets stuck in your head. A bad vocal sample can make you skip to the next song. People who don’t know music can often remember the tune of the vocals of their favourite song.

This song is a great example of exceptional vocals. Its a song by Jaymes Young, remixed by Clark Kent. Prepare to be amazed.


Driven Retro

Kromofone does it again. Its an instrumental remix of the tune “Falling” by Driven Retro. This song stands out because of the way it takes the listener on a musical journey through its multiple rhythms and soundscapes. Definitely worth listening to.

We No Speak Americano

This song really became famous when Up and Over It featured it in one of their videos. It is a prime example of the fantastic genre of Electro-swing. It is a great genre because it bridges the gap between old and new music. Its neat how a a style of music from the 30’s could make such a huge comeback.

So as all good songs do, this song got remixed…a lot. Here are some hand picked favourites.

This is the video mentioned above, and the original song.

Classic trap remix that just came out a couple days ago.

Excellent, creative remix by SAVOY.