We No Speak Americano

This song really became famous when Up and Over It featured it in one of their videos. It is a prime example of the fantastic genre of Electro-swing. It is a great genre because it bridges the gap between old and new music. Its neat how a a style of music from the 30’s could make such a huge comeback.

So as all good songs do, this song got remixed…a lot. Here are some hand picked favourites.

This is the video mentioned above, and the original song.

Classic trap remix that just came out a couple days ago.

Excellent, creative remix by SAVOY.



You and Me – Flume Remix

One of the best aspects of the electronic music community is the remix. One artist creates an awesome song, and then that song is built upon and recreated by numerous other artists. This song is a perfect example of a perfect remix. Its the kind of song that makes something in you move, it makes you feel something.

See Flume’s soundcloud here. He is an absolute genius.

Falling in Love Again

Falling in love with what? Kill Paris’ newest tune, “Falling in Love Again” featuring Marty Rod and Alma. This song is a unique blend of soul and pop, backed with Kill Paris’ creative touch. Marty Rod and Alma bring it to life with a haunting duet. We hope you love it!


You’re a Ghost

Driving and blasting tunes; if this is what you’re into then you need to add this track to your arsenal. This feel good summer jam has nothing but smiles to offer. With a funky off-beat instrumental, and the gorgeous lyrics of Sir Sly, I can assure you that this track will make you bob your head at least once (if not every time) you listen to it! During the break where they count up from 1-4, get ready for a feel good drop that’ll get you lovin’ life. From us at Worth Listening To, party hardy!!!

Coyote Kisses

Here at WorthListeningTo, we love creativity. This song oozes with style and originality. It has a refreshing blend of digital and real instruments, and a very catchy hook. This song, along with the rest of the Thundercolor EP, was mastered by the one and only FatRat, so excellence is guaranteed!

Here is is, “This Is How You Know” by Coyote Kisses