Atlas Genius – Trojans (Lenno Remix)

Atlas Genius was thrown into the spotlight when their song “If So” was remixed by TheFatRat (click here to view). This song is straight off of their album “When It Was Now“. Its a fantastic take of the song “Trojans“, with a pumpy kick and an uplifting piano riff.  Have fun with this one!


TheRatsNest – 2013

Attention all FatRat fans! The FatRat has released another one of his famous mixes, and its jam packed with awesome. Mixes are great because they give artists an oppurtunity to share their musical taste, without doing a show. They are great for us listeners because these mixes usually have a bunch of music in them that we’ve never heard. This edition of the Rats Nest has everything from Martin Solveig to Zedd to Daft Punk, spanning electro house, moombahton, and dubstep. Throw this on at your next party, and you’l be guaranteed results.


Dubstep is Beautiful

Sadly, dubstep is often viewed as a noisy, grimy rave music. To those poor souls who see dubstep in this dark light, we have a song for you! Skrux and Complexion’s remix of “Cosmos” by Clark Kent and Yinyues shows that dubstep is beautiful. It has haunting vocals, deep marching drums, and an overarching post-apocalyptic theme. So friends – throw on those headphones, tilt your chair back, and prepare to be amazed by this unique track.

Here is the original if you are interested.

Major Lazer is ready!

Get ready to jump people. Major Lazer, one of the largest producers of bangin’ party tunes, came out with this remix of Differentology by Bunji Garlin. This song stands somewhere between moombahton and house, with a little reggae thrown in. Its still got the pumpy quarter note kick, so its a perfect track for any party. Just watch out for by-law.


Since 2007, the Remix Artist Collective (RAC) have been producing extraordinary music ranging across a variety of genres. Their signature electronica style can be heard in this track, originally performed by Joywave. Try your best to resist their catchy hooks because if you have the same taste as us, you’ll love this tune.

So What! Funkstep.

Today, the Pegboard Nerds released their long awaited EP “Guilty Pleasures“. Now the Pegboard Nerds are not rated at entry level dubstep. Their stuff always has this edge to it that we just cannot get enough of. Usually when you hear funk being incorporated into electronic music, you think of bands like Lemâitre. The Pegboard Nerds have masterfully blended the beloved funk with their delicious, distinct dubstep sound, and made something beautiful.

Well technically it’s glitch hop… its still funky

A summer anthem.

Here’s a track that’s 3 months old, but in my opinion underrated and undiscovered. With a feel-good synthesizer-laced chorus and that house beat we’ve all grown to love, Tommie Sunshine & Live City have remixed Safe & Sound by Capital Cities into an even more banging track. With nothing but great reviews from their performance at Sasquatch Music Festival, Capital Cities is a band worth checking out – remix or not!